Progress and a new plan

A week ago Sunday Cheri came for a visit and pup check.  After a nice day of wine tasting we came back to the house for a look at my gal.  We had been talking earlier about what’s next, ex-rays, the pros and cons of leaving the plate in place, physical therapy, and drugs.  I decided to err on caution with next steps, so we will do therapy, I will up her pain pills to help with leg use, and because of the resistant infection we will remove the plate when the bone has healed.

This week we are back walking half way around the park with three sits alone the way and she seems to be in 4 paw drive.  Her eating has been hit or miss but a dollop of peanut butter on top seems to help get her going and if she doesn’t finish her morning meal she gets another dollop of PB at lunch.TPLO recovery

Abby has been so tolerant of her confinement but some times she just looks bored.

But we are back on the road to recovery!

PupDate: Abb’s is getting around on all fours!

So we are coming to the end of the second week of the new antibiotics and Abby is improving every day.  She is loving the three meals a day and Riley too when I forget to pick up her bowl if she didn’t eat it all.  She seems to like the kibble/beef broth rice/nature balance beef/yogurt mix.  When we come back from her mid day walk she has been going straight to the laundry room for lunch.

TPLO recovery



She is now sleeping on her leg on a regular basis.



TPLO recovery



And she is sitting again!






Abby is getting out 4 to 5 times a day for a short walk, a out and back in the park across the street.  It can be a little stressful when people are with their dogs off leash but for the most part everyone is understanding and they keep their distance.  Well… except for one family the other night were complete jerks.  When I asked them to leash there dog they suggested that I come at a different time.  It’s a leash park!  Really me with my dog on a leash has to choose another time to come park so that I can avoid a family with a dog off leash.  Right. I couldn’t believe it and I was going to call the dog police but decided that I would just carry my direct stop and their dog comes any where near us I’ll use it.

Anyway things are going in the right direction, looking forward to more improvement.

I ain’t gonna lie… ACL surgery recovery with a Great Dane isn’t easy.

So far, the first day home Abby just wanted to sleep, which is good.   ACL surgery recovery

Figuring out how I was going to manager Abby’s recovery was the order of the day.  She needs to be confined for the next few month, giving her leg time to heal properly.  This means she is in a pen or on a lease with human supervision.  The first two week no walks, just business, food and potty breaks.

She can be in an x pen (8 sided metal pen) but only if supervised or in a secure room (not much room and nothing to climb on).  With two dogs it’s hard because you need to keep the dogs apart.  To move Abby from place to place we need to put Riley in his pen, get Abby ready for transport and then mover her.   Anytime she is out of her pen we have to put a leash and sling on her.  It is easier with two people but I’m getting better at it each time I move her by myself.

Through out the day I was able to get her out to the backyard to do business and between the office and living room.

By the end of the day I had setup a plan for the days to come.  She needs to go to the backyard for a pee or poo, some safe place for Riley’s walks, to the laundry room for meals, my office for the workday, the living room for evenings, and our room for night time.

I setup a permanent place in the living room, figured out it was best to move the other x pen between our bedroom and my office, and decided that the master bathroom would be the ‘safe room’ when we need to leave the house.

I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Pushing the envelope…

My hubby usually walks the dogs for me on Saturday because I pour at a local winery. He hurt his back so I walked Abby on Saturday before I headed out and it was dog mania. Right out of the gate, my neighbor with two dogs was across the street, Abby boofed but nothing big, forgetting my sunglasses we returned to the house. Second time out of the gate, neighbor and his spunky newfoundland, again a ‘boof’ and we were on our way. We get to the end of the park and the first two dogs were approaching, Abb’s was interested but didn’t react. We used them as a training opp and then went on our way. We saw several dogs and Abb’s was great! We finished with a jogging dog (Abby’s biggest trigger), no reaction I just about cried…

So now I ask myself it is time to start pushing the envelope with Abby? Should I start walking her at times that we will encounter issues???

New hand signs for the dogs…

So I started school this week, I’m taking a American Sign Language class up at the local junior college.  Sue my dog/human trainer signs so we have been doing a little at the Sunday pack walk but I don’t have anyone local to practice with so I’m gonna practice with the dogs.  “Really” you think (or say), yes I’m practicing with the dogs!

Because Abby has been a snarky diva from day one we imposed ‘Nothing in life is free‘ at the house so we have a lot more dog commands than


2012 was a Dane good year!

Well mostly, it seems that keeping Riley off of the couch will continue into 2013…Dogs behaving badly

Christmas Day…





Great Dane on couch


New Years Day

Both days busted with my new point and shoot  🙂



But besides the couch issue we have made so much progress with both dogs.  If you had told me earlier this year that I would be doing pack walks the 5 to 20+ dogs a couple of times a month with both of my dogs I would have said you are CRAZY.  And yet at least two times a month I’m doing just that.


Over all a doggone Dane good year!

A couple of new classes under Riley’s belt

We have finished two more classes with Riley.  One with his BFF Henry at the SPCA in Dublin and the other with his new friends Bear and Sadie in Castro Valley.  It did him a lot of good getting more time working with other dogs, he seems to be less jumpy about dogs when we are out and about.

I learned a new trick, a training trick.  I call it “cookie party”.  The instructor in the Castro Valley class had us treat for 30 seconds when working on recall.  Make it a BIG event if they come when you call.  It works great!  I’ve started using it with Abby to make ignoring dogs easy when there is a cookie party if she keeps her attention on me, it’s working really well.  A small success but never the less a success.

There both hard for different reasons

So Rob has gone back to work and I now have dog walk duty.  Two walks two different dogs.  I have to say that they are both hard and hard in different ways.  Abby you know is leash aggressive and is an on going battle, but we have made much progress with her.  Riley didn’t get any training until he came to us, so he jumps, he pulls on the leash, he wants to play with any thing that wiggles.  The wants to play with anything that wiggles is the hardest for me because of Abby, I can’t react the same with him when he gets jumpy with another dog, but I do and I’m afraid that I will have the same issues with him that I have with Abb’s.

I often wish I could give Riley’s good to Abby and Abby’s good to Riley.  I’d have two perfect dog!