Dealing with bloat

Nov 2nd in the evening Riley began trying to vomit, it was like something was stuck in his throat.  All that was coming out was a white foam, we immediately got him to Bishop Ranch within an hour of symptoms.  He was diagnosed quickly, it was bloat.  Bloat, gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV)

From – Bloat, happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food, or fluid, making it expand. The stomach puts pressure on other organs. It can cause dangerous problems, including:

  • No blood flow to his heart and stomach lining
  • A tear in the wall of his stomach
  • A harder time breathing

In some cases, the dog’s stomach will rotate or twist, a condition that vets call gastric dilatation volvulus. It traps blood in the stomach and blocks it from returning to the heart and other areas of the body. This can send your dog into shock.  More from that article

More from UC Davis

The did surgery that evening, we were lucky, the the Dr Wong re-positioned the stomach it pinked right away the only casualty was Riley’s spleen.  The next morning I went for a visit, he looked better than I thought he would, we spent a couple of hours together, he napped, I read, it was good.

The ride home

The ride home

We returned in the evening to see if we could get him to eat, he had not shown any interest in food and couldn’t come home until he eat something.  He was fighting to stay awake for the ride home, most he was successful with that.

Fortunately we got him to eat some chicken & kibble so we got to take him home.





Inflatable Collar

He finished his dinner and has been showing interest and eating since we brought him home.  He will be on a bland diet for awhile and dealing with am inflatable collar (so much better that a cone, on a Dane it is a sight) at night and when he is alone.


Home and napping

Home and napping

The next week it’s important to keep him mostly resting and each day giving him a little more walks.  If we see improvement each day we know he is headed out of the woods.  He won’t be able to play for 2 to 3 weeks because Dr Wong redid his gastro plexi (tummy tack) because the first one failed, his stomach should not have twisted.  The way the tummy tack works is the surgeon will tack the stomach with a stitch (Dr Wong did 2) over the next few weeks scar tissue will form around the stitch tacking the stomach hopefully preventing the stomach from twisting if Riley would bloat again.




Couch Potato

20160615_155548So Riley will go to the couch and if there is a basket on the couch he thinks bummer not allowed on the couch today…


ottoman potato


Not my first choice, but it works.



Next day no basket, cool I’m allowed today

Great Dane Couch PotatoI come in the room, Riley doesn’t look like he is really allowed on the couch.

Couch Potato

I leave and return about 15 minutes later…

New levels in couch comfort.


more confort on the couch

And more comfy moments.


All because puppy mom didn’t put the basket on the couch


Came across these photo’s… My girl was SOOOOOO cute!

great dane puppyShe still has this expression!Great Dane

She looks at me like “Really mom” you want to do something…







One would wonder if she would EVER grow into those ears.Great Dane puppy play





Our pet sitter Leisa made this great toy for Abb’s because she couldn’t get walks because she didn’t have her shots.  Simple, a leash around a rubber chickens neck, Abb’s had a blast running back and forth with the chicken bouncing from side to side…

Great Danes and the couch

So I often wonder if its a genetic thing with Great Danes and the furniture.  Abby has pursued the couch from the start, but after many discussions she is not often found on the couch.Dog on the couchEvery once in a while I find her bum on the couch

Great Dane on couch


Now Riley is a different story, any time he can gets on the furniture.  Most deterrents only work some of the time, like the basket on the couch, if it’s favors one side of the couch he finds enough room to lounge.

Dog on furniture



I usually have a pot on this chair and it seems like he just knows when it’s not there…





There is no hope to keep him off the bed so the bedroom door stays shut most of the day.





He does look comfy!


The small things

Abby, since the beginning of time, has been uncomfortable with change, unfamiliar places and small spaces.  Doesn’t like when yard decor changes, if a person is standing where there isn’t usually a person standing, won’t come in the house if the door is all the way open, she just likes things to be the same, like how we return home from a walk.  We usually go in through the side gate around back and in the back door.  Rob changes it up, lets the dogs go to the back and he goes in through the garage.  Abby doesn’t like it when we do that, she stands at the door looking as if to say “hey you are going the wrong way”.

training opportunity

So over the last couple of weeks I have been coming in from our walk through the side door and encouraging her to follow me.  To get to the do you need to go in front of the Chevy, not a lot of room so Abby until recently refused to go that way, and in her defense she is a big dog.  Over the last few weeks little by little I have coaxed her into coming with me past the car.  Now with some hesitation she is passing the car on a regular basis.

I guess I have believed that all of my interaction with Abb’s is a training opportunity, but lately I’ve found success in working on the oddest of things, like getting her to go past the Chevy.  I think these small odd things spill over in a good way to the bigger things I’m working on…

Better and better, bump in the road, and then better

Again I have been remiss about Abb’s. We had been doing so well on walks, passing dogs on the other side of the street with no reaction is about 100% of the time. Squirrels are much better, and we have had success with dogs with bikes and dogs with runners.

So with all of this success, of course we have a walk from hell. We went to Sycamore Grove to walk with Sula, Izzy and their humans. Abby had three rather big outbursts, the first with some Border Collies running the park perimeter fence, second a family with a dog 2 bikes and a stroller, and lastly two Danes on flexi leads. The only good thing about this was how I handled Abby, I was very matter of fact with her and got her settled quickly. I think we did a chest-butt with the Border Collies.

Fortunately the Sycamore Grove walk was just a bad day, she has again been really good. We had the best greet with Wendy on our last training session, Abby was calm, stayed in a sit until I released her to be goose. She promptly got mung all over Wendy weaving around and around, saying hi to one of her favorite people.

We started her on nose work during her last session, she had fun. So what is nose work you ask? It’s how drug, tracking and search dog are trained. Here are a couple of sites for more info

I thought it would be good for us to do something fun. Abby gets full time training on walks, and in the house we still employ ‘nothing in life is free’. I think this will be fun for both of us and she did really well on her first session.