Daily Zoomies

Great Danes go zoom, Abby our first Dane started doing what we called the daily steeplechase.  She would zoom from room to room, jumping over anything in her way, it was event.  Riley has his daily zoomies in our bedroom!  It is truly amazing how Danes can turn on a dime.  Running Great Danes are magnificent, but be sure to be out of the way!


Came across these photo’s… My girl was SOOOOOO cute!

great dane puppyShe still has this expression!Great Dane

She looks at me like “Really mom” you want to do something…







One would wonder if she would EVER grow into those ears.Great Dane puppy play





Our pet sitter Leisa made this great toy for Abb’s because she couldn’t get walks because she didn’t have her shots.  Simple, a leash around a rubber chickens neck, Abb’s had a blast running back and forth with the chicken bouncing from side to side…