Daily Zoomies

Great Danes go zoom, Abby our first Dane started doing what we called the daily steeplechase.  She would zoom from room to room, jumping over anything in her way, it was event.  Riley has his daily zoomies in our bedroom!  It is truly amazing how Danes can turn on a dime.  Running Great Danes are magnificent, but be sure to be out of the way!


2012 was a Dane good year!

Well mostly, it seems that keeping Riley off of the couch will continue into 2013…Dogs behaving badly

Christmas Day…





Great Dane on couch


New Years Day

Both days busted with my new point and shoot  🙂



But besides the couch issue we have made so much progress with both dogs.  If you had told me earlier this year that I would be doing pack walks the 5 to 20+ dogs a couple of times a month with both of my dogs I would have said you are CRAZY.  And yet at least two times a month I’m doing just that.


Over all a doggone Dane good year!

Social outtings

I decided that Riley was ready to get more social training so we have been taking every opportunity for meet and greets. We did a winery greet, Hopyard greet, and yesterday we did an outing to Home Depot. He met 7 or 8 people at the winery and 4 or 5 more at Hopyard and all greets were really good.

I was a little worried about the Home Depot outing, but he did great. He flirted with anyone that would have him and wasn’t bothered by any of the carts. Next week I will go on two outings a week, split the outing between pet stores, Home Depot & Lowe’s.

It seems that it is a good time to take him to the next level!

Nap time, well maybe not….

Tired PupsAbby just wouldn’t settle when we got back to the hotel.  She paced, she stood next to me watching me work, looking out the window…  She wanted out, so we went out.   She walked to the bed and rested her head for a time, it was funny.


Riley didn’t have any trouble going down.








Abb’s finally went down but wasn’t too happy about it.

Finally they both were down for the count.

Naping Puppies






It was a new thing for me taking both dogs on an overnight outing.  Them being unsettled because we hadn’t done this before, feeding them, Both out for a bio breaks, it was a lot more work than I thought it would be… Good human training.

The grass is here! Well okay ‘artificial turf’…

So we made the big decision and got artificial turf.  We had 1st Impression come and give us turf in the back and front and what a differnce.

Abb’s hated the dirt in the back, okay it was her and Riley’s fault we only had dirt but she HATED what happened next!

And then there was bark.

Riley being the junkyard dog he is didn’t mind at all and learned very shortly that he could move the bark away and lay in the dirt.

Abby’s is so happy to be in the back now, okay my dogs are spoiled…

Abby has even been spotted getting a little sun on the new turf…