Scene of the Poop or Much ado About Poo.

So why is it people can pick up there dog poop!

You might have to carry it for a bit, but probably not far.  I’ve been known to carry Abb’s poop a long way because she inevitably she poops as far as she can from the trash can,  and don’t forget she is a Great Dane, big poop.Poop container - Bone  I wish people would just pick up their dogs poop.


It’s not hard, they have these little poo bag containers to carry your bags… Simple bones, fire hydrant, you can even designer, get as much bling as you want.

bling poop bag holderBitch New York has all the bling you could ever want, studded bones, silk purses, and much much more.  You can pick up you poo in style!


I did some searching and It seems like lots of peep’s are talking about the lack of poo pickup, I’m finding much ado about poo.  Wiki How even has a tutorial “ And YouTube has video on why, how and the best ways to pick up poop.

I love dogs wrote  “Don’t Want to Pick Up Dog Poop? It’ll Cost You” & “Proper Pooch Protocol: The Art of Walking Your Dog“.  Dog section of The Fun Times Guide wrote Top 10 Reasons To Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop”.  Squidoo wrote “Why to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop” which talks about how it goes into the ground water.
Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has more on the problem with the poop making it to the ground water in “Pick up after your pet“.  They also had other links of interest.

I walk both dogs every day and there is poop out of place (POOP) every where I go.  A couple of the routes I take some one dog poops on the side walk on a regular basis.  In both cases it would seem the dogs human doesn’t even let the poor pup stop, its a trail right in the middle of the sidewalk.  The park across the street people leave their dog poop, one lady rides her bike with her German Shepard trailing behind, she NEVER cleans up after her dog.  It makes me crazy kids play soccer in the park so you can bet they fall in it and step in it.  The path along the arroyo where I run there are so many people think that dog poop graveyard they just leave it, no attempts to pick it up and there it doesn’t have to go far to leach into the water, ugh.  Okay so that’s enough POOP rant…  well for now.