It’s easier to remember my girl

Great Dane puppy playSo lately I’ve been remembering the good stuff, not the Abb’s being sick stuff.  I started looking at pictures and found this video I took of her playing with her chicken, it might have been an alligator the toys didn’t last long with her play….

Chicken PlayShe has been playing with a toy with a leash tied around it neck from the beginning.  Liesa, her pet sitter came up with the idea when she was about 10 weeks old.


Great Dane Play <<Click her to see the fun

Came across these photo’s… My girl was SOOOOOO cute!

great dane puppyShe still has this expression!Great Dane

She looks at me like “Really mom” you want to do something…







One would wonder if she would EVER grow into those ears.Great Dane puppy play





Our pet sitter Leisa made this great toy for Abb’s because she couldn’t get walks because she didn’t have her shots.  Simple, a leash around a rubber chickens neck, Abb’s had a blast running back and forth with the chicken bouncing from side to side…

Back to work…

Back to work was easier because we had Leisa coming 2 times a day. She gets Abby out of the crate for some play and training. It was really nice that Leisa was willing to work with us; same commands (hand and voice), the poo spot, she helped us with consistency.

Abby also established her favorite toys, a hedgehog, a rubber chicken, purple dog(Loofa Dog Toy). Better she chew on toys than the kitties, furniture, shoes…

Leisa came up with the best puppy game for Abby, she tied a leash (with the hook removed) to her favorite toy (a rubber chicken) and Abby thinks this is the best thing ever (even to this day).

We have had to find a more durable toy for the leash, but Abby just loves to play with the toy this way… The other toy she still loves is the hedgehog. It’s kinda amazing in the evening she lay on her bed and suckle her hedgie for hours.