Home for a day and some progress is made

Wednesday Abby was able to go out to the back yard and back with help from one human so that was good, she slept most of the day and she ate two really good meals.  Again and quicker this time we are getting into a good rhythm.

The meal du jour is currently 1 cup rice cooked in beef broth, 3/4-1 cup boiled chicken, 2 spoonfuls of pumpkin & 2 of cottage cheese.  Feeding was a two human job and the feeding method consisted of me prying her mouth open and Rob shoveling in food with a tongue depressor.  Why a tongue depressor you may wonder, you could get all of the food off easily to the roof of her mouth as her jaws clamped shut.  The challenge for me was to get my fingers out before she clamped shut, I was not always successful.  It was messy and Abby wasn’t really a fan but it worked .

recoveryThis morning Abby ate on her own!   Yes we setup a little picnic.  There is a method to this madness It help with easier cleanup after she eats, the meal du jour is messy.  Today she started eating off the stick and then she ate from the napkin.  This is first time since last Wednesday that she showed signs of a good appetite!  So we are making some progress.

crate rest, spinal issue recovery


So moving Abby from one place to another we are using, a sling, paw booties, and a leash.


crate rest, spinal issue recovery


The sling works really well we can help her as much as she needs.  If she is knuckling you can give her a little more help and she plants her feet better.


Physical Therapy

We started physical therapy this week at The Canine Rehabilitation Center. Dog Rehab

We started with a weight in and unfortunately she lost 3 more lbs so now down to 103, arrrrggghhh.

We got to go to the rehab room and to my and Abby’s surprise she got to be off leash and have the freedom to investigate the room.  Our first visit went really well, she met Dr. Erin Troy and Betsey Carpenter and like them both.  She was a little nervous but not bad over all a great visit.Dog Rehab RoomDr Troy examined Abby and then talked about what we would be doing, the water treadmill water therapyand cold level laser therapy.  We started with the water treadmill.  First you get the dog in the tank and then slowly water is added until it gets to almost cover Abby’s back.  Once the tank is full they start the treadmill.   She was in the tank walking about 10 minutes and she did amazing.

water therapy




water therapy






Next we did the cold level laser treatment.  This treatment uses a laser light to stimulate the biological process hopefully leading to faster healing.  All Abb’s had to do for this is lay down with me and Betsey so easy peasy.

Lastly we talked about homework, ugh, there is always homework…  But not hard homework, para-standing and sit to stands.

  • Single leg para-standing is lifting one leg at a time for 30 seconds forcing her to balance on the other three legs, repeat 2X.  We will start with a session every other day.
  • Sit to stand I will do on Abby’s outings park walks, she has a rough time sitting be she does it and I’m gonna start with 3 sits per walk.