Off to Davis and Random Acts of Kindness

dog boots

I went yesterday to bring some booties, she needs them because of the knuckling, they will keep her feet from getting banged up.

When I got there Dr Rivera as if I could take a stab at feeding her, she took some salmon bits and a little chicken but in the end we got her to eat a bit of really smelly dog food which I still smell like.

She is responding to me more than anyone else so I decided that tomorrow I’m going to stay up in Davis to help with feeding her and anything else I can do.  I went to the reception desk to get a list of hotels and to my surprise a women who was there with an emergency of her own told me I could stay with them.  So I will be staying with the Browne’s while Abby is there.

This morning I’m packing up food for me and my girl (hopefully she will eat some of it). dog toy

I found one of her old hedge hogs I thought maybe it would cheer her up, she use to love chewing on them.  Since Riley has been with the hedge hog have not lived to tell so they have been put away.  It need some repair but easy pezie.

So I’m off today with slobber hankies, wet ones, food for humans and dogs, and a really disgusting hedge hog.


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