Things have gone a bit south

So Abby didn’t do to well at Bishop Ranch Vet Clinic, she was very nervous, she wouldn’t eat, probably didn’t sleep and on Monday she started knuckling (proprioceptive deficit).  This is abnormal body positions or movements due to a lack of normal perception and in Abby case she wasn’t placing her paw on her pad, it’s like she wants to tip tow.

Rob went Monday night drop of some pills and they ask him to see if he could get her to eat.  He had little success so on Tuesday he took off work and brought her home.

The knuckling got worse by Wednesday so I took her to see Dr Nielsen on Thursday morning.  The good news is her surgery leg was healed and she could stop the antibiotics but the bad new was she was knuckling on both rear legs and a bit on the front.  By the end of the day she couldn’t hold her own weight so Abb’s & I were off to UC Davis emergency.

They checked her in and came up with a testing plan and on Friday they did ultrasound, ex-rays, and finally an MRI.  The MRI showed that she has severe spinal issues and for some reason suddenly she was unable to compensate anymore for her spine issues.  The doctor was surprised we hadn’t seen any signs before now like wobbling or weakness.  transportSo now they are treating her with steroids and now we wait.


She is very weak so getting her out and about for now is on a gurney.



I’ve been there every day, yesterday Rob came with me and we got her to eat some rob-and-abbychicken.



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