The small things

Abby, since the beginning of time, has been uncomfortable with change, unfamiliar places and small spaces.  Doesn’t like when yard decor changes, if a person is standing where there isn’t usually a person standing, won’t come in the house if the door is all the way open, she just likes things to be the same, like how we return home from a walk.  We usually go in through the side gate around back and in the back door.  Rob changes it up, lets the dogs go to the back and he goes in through the garage.  Abby doesn’t like it when we do that, she stands at the door looking as if to say “hey you are going the wrong way”.

training opportunity

So over the last couple of weeks I have been coming in from our walk through the side door and encouraging her to follow me.  To get to the do you need to go in front of the Chevy, not a lot of room so Abby until recently refused to go that way, and in her defense she is a big dog.  Over the last few weeks little by little I have coaxed her into coming with me past the car.  Now with some hesitation she is passing the car on a regular basis.

I guess I have believed that all of my interaction with Abb’s is a training opportunity, but lately I’ve found success in working on the oddest of things, like getting her to go past the Chevy.  I think these small odd things spill over in a good way to the bigger things I’m working on…

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