Better and better, bump in the road, and then better

Again I have been remiss about Abb’s. We had been doing so well on walks, passing dogs on the other side of the street with no reaction is about 100% of the time. Squirrels are much better, and we have had success with dogs with bikes and dogs with runners.

So with all of this success, of course we have a walk from hell. We went to Sycamore Grove to walk with Sula, Izzy and their humans. Abby had three rather big outbursts, the first with some Border Collies running the park perimeter fence, second a family with a dog 2 bikes and a stroller, and lastly two Danes on flexi leads. The only good thing about this was how I handled Abby, I was very matter of fact with her and got her settled quickly. I think we did a chest-butt with the Border Collies.

Fortunately the Sycamore Grove walk was just a bad day, she has again been really good. We had the best greet with Wendy on our last training session, Abby was calm, stayed in a sit until I released her to be goose. She promptly got mung all over Wendy weaving around and around, saying hi to one of her favorite people.

We started her on nose work during her last session, she had fun. So what is nose work you ask? It’s how drug, tracking and search dog are trained. Here are a couple of sites for more info

I thought it would be good for us to do something fun. Abby gets full time training on walks, and in the house we still employ ‘nothing in life is free’. I think this will be fun for both of us and she did really well on her first session.

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